Website Payment Terms

We have a lot of feedback from customers who come to us and have had a bad experience with website design companies they have used in the past.

The main complaint has been that the company asks for 50% of the final price as a non returnable deposit and does not create the website they require, even worse there has been no attempt at a design and they just keep the deposit.

We at mOrsoft will provide a quotation at the outset and providing there are no major changes during development we will honor the price quoted.

We will not ask for any payment upfront and will only request an interim payment of 30% half way through the project development.

So if you not happy how your website is progressing or we cannot design a site to your satisfaction you will not have to pay a penny.

We hope this will help improve the reputation of website design companies and look forward to hearing from you soon.

payment terms


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5 Replies to “Website Payment Terms”

  1. Hello I wanted a website last year and the website company wanted £500 before the design started. Unfortunately I paid and have still not received a working site to date! Can you have a look at the site for me and recommend any action I can take. Many Thanks

    1. Hi Clare, sorry to hear about you bad experience, we don’t normally like to comment on other website designers but if you contact us and link to your site we will have a look.

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