New Local Areas

We are pleased to anounce that we now have a second operating base in Benfleet, which enables us to cover Benfleet, Canvey Island, Pitsea, Basildon and Rayleigh Essex for local visits. Although being a web design company we can create websites where ever you are.

For further information on services, offers and advice see our list of postscontact us or complete our quotation form.

Areas covered Benfleet, Canvey, Pitsea, Basildon and Rayleigh

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53 Replies to “New Local Areas”

  1. I have recently had a new website but the company have just filled it with nonsensical text until I suppy text but I don’t know what they want. Can you help

  2. Hi we supply computer consumables and computer repairs from our shop in basildon. We currently have a website which needs refreshing. We like the look of your website. Can you visit us to discuss further.

  3. I have a hardware shop in Gidea Park and would like to sell online can you visit us to discuss our new site?

  4. My current web hosting company charges £5
    99 per month which is £60 per year! How much do you charge?

    1. Hi Bradley, we have seen a number of companies which offer this service which might seem reasonable, but they also charge for for your domain name at £10 per year. Contact us as we only charge £30 per year for hosting which is only £2.50 per month

  5. We currently have a website and would like to add comments to it so that our visitors can post comments or be anonymous. Can you do this ?

    1. Hi Graham, sorry for the delay in replying, send us a link to your site and we will see what we can do.

  6. We like your site can you make a mock up site for our company before we proceed.

    1. Hi Graham, we always produce a mock up site before we proceed and we do not charge for this.

  7. I am looking for a website for our local model club, our club meetings take place in Hadleigh, would it be possible to attend our next meeting on Thursday 18th Feb so we can discuss our requirements.

  8. Can you create a website that can link in to our company database to show users our latest prices?

    1. Hi Steve, it shouldn’t be a problem we just need to check on the specification of your database. We have e-mailed a request for you to complete.

  9. we are coming to the end of our contract with our existing website designer and would like to offer a tender to other companies, would you be interested?

    1. Hi Trudy, we can if you can respond quite urgently as we get quite busy at Christmas. Please also see our special offer at Christmas. (We have also responded via your e-mail.)

  10. We had a website which wasn’t performing to our expectations, we would have liked it to display correctly on our ipad and show up on google search. We are a cleaning supply company based in canvey. Can you visit us and show what you can do. For you information we won’t pay upfront until we are happy with our site.

    1. I am sorry to hear about your old website, all our new websites are displayed correctly on all devices and we incorporate SEO on each of the webpages on the new site. We are happy to visit you on Canvey and we don’t require a payment upfront. Please see our website payment terms.

  11. I currently have a website I am happy with, but I would like it to work correctly on my phone. Can you help? Many thanks

  12. Hi I am starting a new restaurant in Hadleigh and need a website asap. How long will it take to create a new site?

    1. Hi Josh, sorry for the delay in replying, visiting you in Hadleigh is not a problem. We currently have 2 sites that we are working on but we can fit you in and depending on your requirements. We could have your website up by the end of this month. Please fill out our quote form so we can have a better idea of your website.

  13. I had a website designed recently but I don’t think it is coming up on searches can you have a look and let me know what you think?

  14. We have a small shop in Rayleigh and would like a new website. Can you visit us, so that we can discuss our requirements. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi George, all our new sites are fluid, meaning they display correctly on all devices. If you have an existing site you can check it here.

  15. Can you do a booking site I have a bootcamp company and would like my customers to book and pay on line

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