Extra Website Programming And Setup

We have recently diverted from our usual website design and assisted one of our customers in setting up access to an intruder alarm.

Our client asked if we could set up a communication link between an intruder alarm and a cloud based service to allow remote access to the alarm system.

We employed our extensive knowledge of website design, cloud based systems and communication to facilitate this request.

So if you require help in setting up internet based systems to connect to your “internet of things” then please contact us to see how we can help.

connect to intruder alarm


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Internet Of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things has taken app development to a new level.

By linking smart objects to the internet, IoT enables the exchange of data that was never possible before.

As more and more devices are being connected and accessible to the network, we’ll find we are coming up with upgraded solutions to help users control and communicate with their everyday gadgets and equipment.

We have just completed an app which enables our client to fully control their intruder alarm system without the need for 3rd party intervention.

Call us today or contact us to see how we can connect your home devices to the internet.

internet of things

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