Perils Of A Popular Website

As you website becomes more popular you become more prone to website hacks and viruses.

website virus

Unfortunately this happened to our website last week. We were attacked by a particularly nasty website virus.

Due to our stringent backup policy both on server and off server, we were able to remove the virus and have our website back up and running with extra security installed.

Remember to ensure your website is properly backed up either by you or your website provider. We offer this to all our new websites giving you peace of mind no matter how popular your website is becoming.

Contact us to see how we can ensure your website is secure as possible.


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3 Replies to “Perils Of A Popular Website”

  1. this happened to our website recently, our website designer had ensured us that our site was backed up regularly. unfortunately this was every couple of months. we had lost a lot of work.
    how often do you back up you sites?

    1. Hi David, we update your website whenever new content is added and keep a rolling three back up and save to three different independent devices.

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