E-commerce Using Drop Shipping

We were recently asked to create a website for a client whose products were imported from a drop shipping company.

drop shipping

A drop shipping company is a wholesale warehouse company, which will send products direct from their premises to your customer from orders placed on your website at a price that you charge.

Unfortunately the prices you are charged are normal prices and by the time you add on your margin, means that your selling prices are not competitive.

We had an experience, where we agreed to create a website for a customer  using a drop shipping company, however as it takes time for the site to rise on search engines (seo) and the prices that they were charging, they did not receive the volume of orders they were expecting.

Therefor we will only agree to create a website, if a drop shipping company is involved, if the products you are selling are unique and are not white goods or computer spares.

If you have any questions or would like to discus your new website strategy then please contact us or leave a comment below.

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UK Top For Online Shopping

The UK spends more on online shopping than any other country according to the UK Cards Association.

The report has been listed on the BBC website and can be seen here.

The total online spending per uk household is estimated to be £4,611.

online shopping

If you have a retail company and do not have an online shop then contact us , to see how we can get your products online to sell to more customers.

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Cyber Monday – When Online Shops Slash Their Prices

BLACK Friday has made a name for itself as one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

But you’d be a fool to forget about Cyber Monday – a UK tradition where online retailers slash their prices just three days after Black Friday.

Just like Black Friday, you can expect online deals on appliances, gadgets and games. As it’s online, get ready for a lot more choice that you might see in store – and a lot more time to shop, as obviously you don’t even need to get out of bed to take advantage of low prices.

If you are a retailer who wishes to open an online shop, contact us now, so we can have your new website up and running before cyber Monday which is on 26th November 2018. Continue reading “Cyber Monday – When Online Shops Slash Their Prices” »

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Your New Website For Easter

If you’re a confectioner or specialise in cakes, it would be a good idea to have a website to show off your products for Easter. If you contact us now we can have a website up and running in no time at all.

Hurry though as Easter is fast approaching!

Order your website from mOrsoft to receive these great offers!

  1. Free website address for the first year i.e. yourname.co.uk
  2. Free website hosting for the first year. (Where your website is stored allowing 24/7 access for your customers)
  3. Free 3 months Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) allowing your site to be listed higher on search engines i.e. Google.
  4. Content Mangement System (CMS) Training allowing you total control over your website.

We look forward to hearing from you soon…..

website for easter

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Website For Valentine’s Day

If you’re a florists, jewellers or confectionery company and do not have an on-line shop then hurry and contact us now so we can have your shop on-line ready for the big day.

Valentine-Heart website design

As a special last minute deal we will offer a 10% discount on the cost of your new website if you use the code val2016 when requesting a quote. This offer must end by 6th February 2016.

10% off

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UK Leads Online Shopping

In a league table of internet use, the UK is in the top quarter of countries online – along with the likes of Finland, Norway, Sweden and top of the table is, Iceland.

For levels of online shopping, the UK leads the industrialised world, followed by Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

If you have a business in the UK and currently do not have a website then contact us to see how we can help it is not as expensive as you may think..

online shopping in the uk

Don’t get left behind by your competitors.

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Your New Winter Website Design

With the cold weather finally arriving it might be time to consider getting your business on-line. If you have a small business you might want to start offering your services or selling on the internet.

With the cold weather more and more people are shopping on-line or searching for local companies to avoid going out in the cold.

winter website design

Call us today on 01702 312078 or contact us to see how we can get you on-line in no time at all.

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Epos & Website Integration

We have recently been tasked with setting up an Electronic Point Of Sale (EPOS) system for a business. This will enable them to log all sales transactions and stock control automatically and produce end of day sales reports.

The system we are using integrates with sage (accounts program) to allow full accounting for vat,  profit and loss etc.

It is based on an industry standard database (mySQL), we have chosen to use this so that we can integrate a website at a later date which will automatically be updated when new products are added or prices change.

This is a slight change from our usual website development, but we are convinced this is the way forward for total integration for small business. The system can also operate on tablets (android and windows 10) so your sales staff can make transactions away from your main till.

Call us today on 01702 312078 or contact us to see how we can help.

epos integrated with website

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Black Friday Website Design

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year in America and is a trend that has made its way across to the UK. It will be on Friday 23rd November 2018.

Why do we have Black Friday?

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year in America and is a trend that has made its way across to the UK and now most UK retailers introduce sales, deals and discounts on this day that are similar to the Boxing Day sales.

While the colour black can be associated with negative connotations, in this case black is positive and means profitability.

Traditionally, profitability was noted down in retailers’ books in black, while losses were noted in red.

Black Friday fuels best ever week for sales at John Lewis with whopping 300% rise in online traffic in the early hours of trading

Now is the chance to get your shop online before Black Friday, contact us now so that we can get your shop online before the big day.

black friday website design

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Your Shop Online

Many people now prefer to shop online (e-commerce). This has been proved by sales figures from high street retailers against their web based counterparts, more money is spent online every year and retailers can no longer afford to be complacent about it! lets face it, no-one likes to queue!

benefits for your customers:

1. Time Saving:
Your customers can shop in their own time from their own homes.
2. Fuel saving:
No need to pay for the petrol to get there, or sit in the traffic jams on the way back, or add to Global Warming.
3. Better Deals:
Due to your lower overheads!
4. Price Comparisons:
Making sure your customers get the best deal.
5. Pressure Free Shopping:
Your customers can shop in their own time at their own leisure with no queues or rushing to get back for the kids!

benefits for you:

1. Lower Overheads:
Setting up an online shop costs far less than setting up a physical retail outlet.
2. A Worldwide Shop Front:
Your site and your shop will be open to the whole world as soon as it goes online, increasing your potential market.
3. 24/7 Opening Hours:
The internet never sleeps so you can be selling online and making money 24 hours a day.
4. Online Management:
You can manage your shop from any location at any time providing you have an internet connection.
5. Diverse Markets:
You can seriously sell almost anything online. If there is a market for your products it will find you no-matter how niche they are.
6. Higher Average Transactions:
People online spend more per transaction than they do in shops!
7. Easier storage and fulfilment:
No need for all those shelf stacking problems and display issues, store your products where and how you want to.
8. Online support:
For the benefit of your customers assistance is always on hand through help files and FAQ’s meaning you should only have to answer certain questions once.
9. Better Customer Contact:
Its cheaper and easier to stay in touch with your customers now than ever before. Through an online customer management system you can let them know about any new deals or news within minutes at virtually no cost.
10. Marketing resources:
Over time your website will generate a list of people and their contact details; all of which would like to receive future marketing material from you. This is one of the most effective means of marketing with conversion rates far higher than almost any other form of targeted marketing.

One in three items of clothing, furniture and household appliances bought in Britain are now purchased online, new analysis has shown.
For the first time families are using the internet for more than 30 per cent of the main shopping they do outside of groceries bought in supermarkets and convenience stores.

mOrsoft can design your online shop, setup payment options and show you how to add your products to your new site.

Contact us now to see how we can help setup your new online shop.

online shopping southend essex

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